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How To Build Captivating Confidence and Get People To Say YES.

Without letting self-doubt keeping you STUCK from launching your vision!

Date: July 13th, 2024 | Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM US/Mountain

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Remember, you can and I’ll show you exactly how to do it in this Workshop.

Who This Workshop Is Really For

This is For YOU if…

  • You feel stuck and feel unfilled where you are and tired of the same old path!
  • You want to launch an idea, start a business, rise in your career, ignite a relationship, or discover your true purpose.
  • You want to break free of self-doubt and stand out from the crowd!

This is NOT For YOU if..

  • If you're happy living a quiet life in the background.
  • You don't have the interest to work to unlock a stronger version of yourself.
  • You don't truly believe that great transformations can really happen.

If you’re ready to take things to the next level and learn how you can UNSCREW YOUR STORY TO DISCOVER YOUR POWER., then you get to be in this FREE Workshop!

An Important Message From Your Instructor, Rajeev Nirmalakhandan...

I'm Taking Years Of Experience & Giving You My Exact Blueprint To Build Captivating Confidence and Get People To Say YES.

"My mission is to help others break free from self-sabotaging mindsets. I know the struggle firsthand. For most of my life, I felt screwed! Not by the actual screws in my neck, but by my own self-perception! Born facing daunting odds, I've battled medical challenges, spinal surgeries, and a physical disability. I felt broken and constantly not enough. My confidence and self-esteem were shattered. But I transformed my self-perception, embraced my ‘seeds of potential’ — my talents, skills, and experiences. This shift changed my life, unlocking new opportunities and boosting my confidence and courage. I learned to 'unscrew myself' -- Now I want to help YOU do the same!"

Hey there,

My name is Rajeev Nirmalakhandan and I don't say the above to brag, but to show you that I've been where you are my friend.

I know what it feels like to not be able to Unlock Your Hidden Potential Supercharged with Captivating Confidence So You Can Transform Your Vision Into Reality.…

And after years of dealing with that…

I figured out the secret that changed everything for me…

To the point that today…

✅ I raised a quarter of a million dollars, wrote, and directed an award-winning freaure film that received national exposure and distributed on streaming platforms.…

✅ I have been a professor for over sixteen years, educating, motivating, and elevating hundreds of aspiring students. I have been a creative professional and filmmaker, leading and collaborating with countless creatives and leveraging my creative and storytelling skills to produce work that has screened at festivals, played on streamers, and featured in publications.…

✅ I have conquered significant medical challenges and adversities, developing a strong sense of character and fortitude that I now use to empower clients nationwide.…

And I’m inviting YOU and a group of amazing people to join me in this FREE 1.5-Hour Workshop to learn exactly how I got here…

And how YOU can too!

Rajeev Nirmalakhandan

Hi, I'm Raj, the short guy who makes people feel tall!

​I'm also a coach, a creative executive, a professor, a filmmaker, and a dad.

As a transformational and empowerment expert, I help others break free of what holds them back so they can confidently take bold steps toward what they want in life.

I relay skills of overcoming challenges, building confidence and self-esteem, conflict resolution, effective communication, motivation, and resilience to give my clients powerful new tools and perspectives.

I want to empower you with my distinctive coaching methodology to ignite the supercharged YOU so you can launch your next big idea or personal transformation.

Testimonials From Emerging Leaders & Entrepreneurs Just Like YOU ...

Hear What They Have To Say

There's no words to describe how this gentleman made me feel. There's no judgment and he gives you his all. You can see it in his eyes and his demeanor that he cares with compassion and genuinely wants to help you. You will be heard. He doesn't rush it he gives all his time for you to be heard. I'm in awe right now. Thank you thank you thank you..
Andrea F.
Raj is extremely caring and patient with his clients. I love all the support kind words and encouragement. He has in line with his professional skills and abilities to help with any issues!
Amy M.
I loved every minute of talking to Raj. Amazing listener gives great insight and feedback. I would recommend him for sure!!
Christian G.
Raaj is phenomenal! He is understanding and makes it a point to be of great support in finding resolutions. He is very easy to converse with and allows you to feel open with expressing your feelings and thoughts. He is a great individual to even know. I would greatly recommend him if you’re looking to seek help in bettering yourself and m/or your relationship. It is truly a blessing to have him as a part of your support in your journey.
Samantha E.
There’s so much I can say about my experience with Raj, he has been absolutely amazing and such an asset to my current situation/relationship. I’m so glad I found him, he’s like speaking to a best friend but who understands both sides, gives ideas and advice on how to move forward in a healthy way. He’s non-judgmental, and really cares for the success of both people. If it hadn’t been for Raj with his insightful and very perceptive new ways to create a better dynamic in our relationship. We may not have made it through. I'm truly grateful for his expertise and care. He’s truly a blessing! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done Raj, I’m so happy to work with you.
Danielle B.
First and foremost, Raj is an absolutely fantastic human being! In my search for guidance and encouragement... I found Raj. He is a wonderful listener, he asks well-thought-out questions and gives very insightful feedback. In just two sessions I’ve already had some phenomenal perspective shifts. I’m looking forward to continuing our one-on-ones together!
Jeremy E.